Hidden Fields "Something Went Wrong"

I have been having a lot of problems with the hidden fields in the “Add Record” action. I have been trying everything I can think of to try to solve it but no matter what I do, the hidden fields that are based on passing data from the current record only sometimes work. This is happening across multiple add record actions using different values and “maps to” fields in each case. The only common threads are a similar use case around pulling the primary record field from the “current record” (i.e., list detail on that page) and mapping it to a linked record field in another table in airtable to create a new record that is linked to the list detail on the page.

This works perfectly on some list detail pages so I know the configuration is correct (e.g., not mapping to a field that can’t be edited) but it fails on others even though the configuration is the same. Every time it fails, all I get is a “something went wrong” message and I can see a generic 500() error in the javascript console with no further details.

Hey @Derek,

Can I please ask you to attach a few screenshots from Airtable and Softr?

Also, it would be faster to investigate and fix when we talk via chat, may I kindly ask you to contact us via support chat?


Thanks @Suzie. Got this resolved through support chat.

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Thanks for the update @Derek, glad to hear that :slight_smile: