HELP! Custom domain not connecting to DNS

HI all,

I followed the adding subdomain instructions and added it via Cloudflare as our main website using Cloudflare. After linking the IP from Softr, everything was working fine but then after a few hours, the softr app is not showing online anymore. All it shows is Index of…

Then I tried to purge cache on cloudflare and checked again after a few hours (I was traveling) and the soft app was online again.
This morning is offline again.

This especially sucks as Ive sent the link out to a lot of customers to use and now its offline.

The softr app is at

Not sure if something is wrong because I’m using cloudflare or what. Our main website is at

Please advise on what I need to do. Or if need to provide further information.
Image of page

extra DNS entry conflicts need to be removed.

Thank you so much! Solved!