Hello from New Zealand! Building a database front-end as a hobby

Hey! I’ve had an account for a little bit but never actually introduced myself properly.

I’m Zeke, and I’m building a front-end website for a database about a Japanese pop group umbrella (as in, many groups/artists under one name. Think of it like the Avengers being an umbrella term for all of those superheroes).

This is purely a hobby for me – I’m an individual doing this for fun (seriously!), rather than as a business. There are several English-language resources available for fans of these artists, but I’ve always found them lacking and inconsistent, so I decided to build my own database/website. That way, I can be as convoluted as possible! :wink:

I’ve never built a website before and have no idea what I’m doing, so please excuse any silly questions that have obvious answers! I’m trying to figure things out on my own, but the forums have been a huge help so far.

Gotta say, learning to code (I’m making good use of the custom coding features) is fun. The site is looking pretty good so far, but it’s far from anywhere near complete or usable, so I’ll wait until it’s in a more stable state before showing it off here.

Hopefully this isn’t too strange of a use case! Softr is exactly the type of service I need for this, since I have a lot of data (I’m already at about 22,000 Airtable records and I’ve only filled out most things until the beginning of 2008 (the earliest records are from 1993 for context)) and there’s absolutely no way I’m doing it manually.


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Hey Zeke,

Welcome to Softr Community, so glad to see you here :star_struck: