Hello from Istanbul

Hi Softr Community!

I am Berk. I am working as Growth Manager at Petopy. I use Softr for Petopy’s website.

Petopy is a digital assistant of who has a cat or dog. Basically the aim is to support pet owners with the their furry friends. We provide our user to bring preventative health care into their homes, online video consulting and vet approved products.

Our products:
At Home Vaccination and Care
Ask A Vet
Petopy Shop

As a technology company based on Istanbul, Petopy reached 50K users in a short notice. Since the company published itself, Petopy got more than 4000 transactions and 2000 appointments. Petopy had 3M$ valuation at August 2022 and got investment.

We are keeping working to meet more pets and pet owners around the world. Soon, our Online Video Consulting product will be available on UK. Also, we are going to increase our At Home Vaccine and Care products through Turkey by demand.