Hello everyone, Here's your latest newbie, me :)

Name’s Todd I’m retired (kinda) carpenter of 38 yrs (man I’m getting old) and I’ve been a hobbiest for 20 plus years devolpoping websites , mostly for myself and now doind for others the last 3 years.

I have couple questions if anyone could help I’d be most grateful :slight_smile:

  1. I have a customer who’s an accountant and is looking to have his own customer portal to where he can have private workspaces for his clients, who would have the ability to upload many sensitive documents, as well possibly e-signatures, Can this be done?

  2. I have another customer that has auto shows at event centers across the country and he is looking for an app that can allow his contestants that enter the car show with their hot rods in hopes to win a prize. What he is looking for is for the ability that his hopeful contestants can upload 5 images of their cars through their cell phone to be judged by the admin team of the auto shows. The important part here is that he only wants the admin to have access to the images and also to be able to view them in the back management panel of the app… instead of having to download each individual photo, 5 in total x 1000+ is alot of photos to download and open and then view. - Can this be done with Softr?

Thanks in advance and I’m looking forward to learning Softr!

Kindest regards,

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Hi @Todd, That’s doable using Softr.

  1. e-signatures can be integrated with another platform like DocuSign.

If you want a demo, you can book my time here: Calendly - Dwi Christanti or just post your questions in this community.

Hey @Todd,

Thanks for joining Softr.

You can have a custom form with file upload button where your contestants can upload their photos.

If admin has access to Airtable, he can surely see the data submitted via form on Airtable. Regarding Softr part, you can create a user group and show that page with images to that user group only.