Hard nut: How to create a matrix logic on airtable & show it in Softr

Hi community, this one is quite difficult (maybe):

I have a list of users. Between each 2 users I have a matching score, this is specific to the combination of 2 users (calculated in google sheets based on how much they have in common). How do I show in Softr on a user page (detailed list) the similarity scores that this particular user has to all the other users (list)? The only way I can think of is creating a row for each couple combination, which is totally insane, because I will need (X times X) rows for this…

Is there a better way? In our google sheet we have it as a matrix with all users in a row and in a column and in the intersection the matching score. I’ve heard of a junction table, but no idea how that would work.
If you maybe have an answer, but are not sure if you want to bother: We are a team of 2 trying to bring value to pain patients (so this is no dating product). Please help!


Hey Lu,

Would it be possible for you to share a sample of how the data is currently stored ?

Like this ?

---------- User 1 | User 2 | User3 | … | User N
User 1 S11 S12 S13 …
User 2 S21 S22 S23 …
User 3 S31 S32 S33 …