Greetings from Austin, TX

Hi all!

I’m Ambar. I’ve lived in Austin, TX since 2016 after spending 11 years in NYC.

After getting laid off from my job a couple months ago, I spent my down time learning more about AI and how to use no-code tools. When Zapier announced its integration with OpenAI, I saw an opportunity to build something that might help other job seekers who struggle with writing cover letters.

I was using Airtable forms for the initial version and recently built the front end and registration system using Softr (recommendation from @Katt).

The Softr support team has been really great and I’m looking forward to exchanging ideas and learning from this community!

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Welcome to the Softr community Ambar!

Wow! It looks great! I’m also interested in AI and planning to do some side projects using ChatGPT api soon. Also, I need to write cover letters soon. Will definitely try your app!

Thanks! Let me know if you have feedback after you try it out.