Google ADS detect my webapp as malicius

I created a webapp that displays the menu of my pinseria. data is imported from an airtable base. I’m using a custom domain, but to no avail. the webapp is placed on my company site via iframe. (you can see the webapp at oppure
the problem comes from google ads, in fact it recognizes the link to my webapp as “malicious”. I tried using the personal domain in hopes of solving, but nothing has changed.
Obviously, there is nothing malicious in my webapp and above all, some time ago the exact same webapp worked without problems with google ads. The webapp hasn’t been modified in the slightest, only periodic updating of the blocks; but now it is detected as malicious by google.
Has anyone been in the same situation before and knows how to fix it?
Specific, that I contacted google support and they told me that the problem comes from the webapp identified as malicious.

Thanks to those who will lose even a few minutes of their time to read!

@Matteo is it this one identified as malicious ?

Yes… the iframe in embed the webapp at then is flag as malicius by google.

Sorry for my crappy eng, im italian, and thx for your interest!

So you are using WordPress and iframe with Softr page for the menu ?

Yes. WP Is always up to date with the last stable versione released. My theme is Divi.

@Matteo when I open your webpage my chrome gets crushed that might be the reason.

See the recording: Recordit: Record screencasts fast & free! with GIF Support!

After your reply, i try to visit my website with multiple device and browsers. I never crushed while visit my website…Sometimes losd slow, bit load always…

I have the same issue, does anyone know how to address it?

@devorahb what’s the domain ?

If your link Is ok, you can try to contact Google ads support. They solve my request (After 3 or 4 try) by updating Google crawlers algorytm.
Now, finally, all works fine. :+1:
Good luck with Google ads support, the italian one is terrible.

My links are fine but Google Ads support keeps insisting that they detect malicious software and that I need to remove the links

Local Info - AKC Kosher Certification (

the ads were approved, thank you all for your help!

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