Filter/visibility settings for Airtable boolean values stopped working

Softr does not correctly filter by Airtable boolean fields anymore (it stopped working today).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create Airtable formula field called “isActive” that sets the field value to TRUE() or FALSE() based on certain conditions (Airtable will display the values as “0” or “1”)
  2. Create list details block (“List details page with image slider”)
  3. Add action button
  4. Set button visibility to isActive is "1"

The button will never be displayed, even if the field value is TRUE() (or numeric 1)

The button is displayed when the Airtable field value is TRUE() (or numeric 1) and hidden when the Airtable field value is FALSE() (or numeric 0).

Can you try again with a more basic condition like ‘is empty’ and check the results?

I’ve already tried other conditions and they seem to work fine. To me it almost seems like “1” is now compared to the Airtable value as a string so there is a type mismatch between what I put in the Softr condition vs. Airtable field value.

Hey @Reekruit,

Can you please make sure you have connected the field to Softr field in List Details > Content section?

This problem disappeared.

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