Filter job listing by signed in user's selections

Hi there. Newbie here. If this is a question that’s answered elsewhere I’m sorry! I want to filter job listings automatically, based on various attributes (skills, experience, values etc.) that users have selected in the sign up process. I know I can include filters that people can select manually, but is there a way to show a custom list that is filtered by info users have already provided?



Hi Stephen! Welcome to the Softr community!

It sounds like what you want to do is programmatically set values for the inline filters when the page is loaded, based on values in the user’s profile.

Unfortunately, the only way to programmatically set values for inline filters is to pass the values as parameters on the URL, using the List Filtering by URL feature.

The first thing I would try is to add a link on the user’s profile page that is constructed via an Airtable formula to include the filters you want. Then, the user can get to the list with the inline filters already selected, by visiting their profile and clicking on the link.

After that, I’d probably explore options for other ways to get that constructed URL into the places I needed it.

How does this sound as an approach?