Fields Pre-populating in all blocks (if base and or/table changes)

Can you please stop the blocks from pre-populating the fields within the blocks’ fields during edit? I use the same design and field setup across multiple bases so when I duplicate an app and then change the airtable base and/or table of a setup and functioning block, all the fields change (even the ones I had hidden with no field value). The field names and types remain the same across bases and apps so I don’t really don’t think it should reset the field setup. Please let me know.

Hi @rebeccajane, yes, this is a new feature added to Softr blocks. When you add a new block/duplicate the existing one, the fields will be auto-connected/pre-populating the Airtable fields. Thank you for sharing your feedback, I will let our Product team know about it.

Hi @Marine.Hovhannisyan thanks for your response. Appreciated. Is it possible it can it be turned off or paused? It has unfortunately tripled my new client app setup time as each block requires all fields (with the same field names as the original block) to be assigned again and all field labels to be written again (because it overwrites the original field labels). Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed. Thanks!

Hi @Marine.Hovhannisyan I’m wondering if the Softr team can share how it’s pre-populating the fields? Is there an order it is using? I can’t figure out the order it’s choosing fields for pre-populating.