Extra (ugly) grey space on short pages created all of a sudden

Hey guys,

I have this weird grey space on many of my pages:

There is no custom code on that page or on my app in the general settings.

Any idea where this could come from? It appeared around a week ago.

Thanks so much in advance!! :slight_smile:

Can you provide a sample page to inspect the elements?

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Here for instance

This is in the code somehow

Couldn’t identify any problems on my end: (tested with chrome on win10)

Hi, I recognize this issue - when I use Microsoft Edge. For me this happens ONLY when a footer is added (it seems like Edge is trying to add excess space to move the footer to the bottom of the screen).

@Tim_ClimatEU , I’m curious: can you confirm this issue disappears when you hide the footer?

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Yes, you’re right. If I hide the footer, the grey space does not appear.
So that means that whenever the website is not at a certain length, the grey space will be created, right?

So maybe I’m able to solve it by adding extra blocks with some space on the sites?

Hi Tim,

I tried that one as well, but for me it causes excess space in other places of the website… I never got it right.

Here a link to another post that I made on this: New - unofficial - feature: TABS - Hide/Show multiple blocks horizontally - #80 by thijs

In that post you see a screen print of the inspector showing the excess space is caused by something called: <div class="extra-div" style="background: rgb(255, 255, 255); height: 470px; width: 100%;"></div> == $0
Next to removing it entirely, a second best would be to change either the background color or the height. But I don’t know how.

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So am I understanding it correctly that the space comes from the unofficial tabs feature used on another page?

Changing the background colour doesn’t really work for me or adding space. It’s a worst-case scenario option, but it just doesn’t look professional haha

Thanks btw for helping out here!!! :slight_smile:

Hi, well for me it’s most likely to occur when using those tabs (like all the time somewhere in those tabs). But in all other cases when not using those tabs it’s less likely to occur and a bit random where it occurs. I just tested with a few clicks through my website and out of 5 pages one had that excess ghost space. I changed my background to white to make it less obvious, but agreed: this is something that needs fixing.

Turns out it’s related to the footer. It uses a default color to match the last block’s color to position the footer in a certain position.

It has nothing to do with the tabs feature, the code doesn’t touch anything about it - it’s all related to the footer code and it’s an official setup made by Softr (you can find this extra div in the dev tools of the browser by the way) => Extra grey space on short pages created all of a sudden - #2 by Astghik