Examples of Charts being used by community

I have a postgres database with a lot of data in it and I want to create a variety of charts. Outside of the task of syncing my postgres to airtable and having the records linked dynamically (which is a hassle in and of itself), I’d like to understand what is being possible with the new charts set up.

Right now, Softr elements always take up 100% width. I was fooling around with wireframes and came up with something like this, which I know isn’t really possible in Softr, but wanted to see thoughts on how it could be done best.

Definitely possible with some custom code. I recommend taking a look here: Custom code 2 columns layout: change the width of the columns (+ 3 columns layout)

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Actually this one is the most advanced: New custom code: display two blocks next to each other with a "drag border" feature