Edit Profile Block Questions/Bugs?

Hi, for the edit profile block, I have a lot of required fields from the signup block.

all fields show as blank by default in the edit profile block (i.e. does not show the user-inputed values from signup), and are marked required because they’re required.

tried testing how to update profile, and it said I need to re-input all 10+ field information before I can update profile!

If I make these fields not required in profile update block, will the update button send the blank fields as blank values, overwriting prev. info in airtable? or can amazing softr team somehow show the values the user inputted during signup block, so that they dont have to re-enter 10+ field info, i.e. making it a true update profile block (versus re-submission block)? thanks so much!

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I have the exact same problem. A fix would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Please note that the team is working on an update for the User Profile block, I will make sure to check with them if this issue will be fixed with the upcoming release. If not, we’ll work on fixing it as well.

Will keep you posted.


I’m attempting to update my name, and email from my profile page; however, upon clicking update the screen doesn’t take any action - no reload/redirect, it just hangs out. Any suggestions?

Hey @Michael_Property_Wal,

Do you still face this issue, if yes, can I please ask you to send a magic link for me to test and see this behaviour?

Hey Suzie,

I think something is configured incorrectly between Softr and Airtable [We maintain our user table in airtbale because we have extended attributes].

Here’s A magic link, if I need to create one specific to you please let me know (i’ve been a user of magic links, but this is my first time as a generator of them).

Magic Link: https://www.realpropertywalk.com/magic-authentication?magic-token=2119252d1c7d4a18a8e89757c8fb53da

Hey @Michael_Property_Wal,

I sent a DM, can you please check it to discuss a few more things?