Drop Down in Softr cannot link with data source (Airtable)

Currently, I require the use of three sheets in my Airtable. The first sheet is utilized for managing products, the second sheet for managing vendors, and the third sheet for managing detailed orders with vendors. When I click on the plus icon, it displays all the products listed in the Product Sheet. Based on the Product ID selected, it automatically performs a lookup and inserts the corresponding Vendor Name in the Vendor column.

However, I am facing an issue when creating a form in Softr for purchase orders. It appears that the dropdown options in the form are not synchronized with the data source. I am unsure if I made a mistake during the setup process.

I hope you guys can provide assistance with this matter! Thank you so much!

Hey, can you please send a short video recording showing the issue? You can send it to us her or over chats as we need to see your app configurations to be able to help.