Downloading list detail as a PDF

It would be great if there was some kind of Merge tool to help download the content of the list details as a PDF. So not a file attachment, but rather a dynamic document to generate.

Use case: E.g. For real estate listings, the listing could be generated by the user as a PDF to send to prospects. It could perhaps take advantage of the airtable designer block to create the template?

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What if we share a code for native print function which allows PDF creation ?


Yes, as long as it can be used to create a basic template with some branding, i think it would be great. Here is an example of what I was suggesting. Lot 1, Proposed Road, Rouse Hill. If you click ‘download brochure’, it creates a branded PDF for the user.

Would also be interested in this function and some added code may work for me!

is this possible ?

Need an example page to try. can I get a URL ? also is there a button already ?

not yet, but i am thinking ahead for an internal tool