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The ‘Body’, rich text disply, is not showing the text correctly from Airtable.

In Airtable, the body text has spaces. These spaces are not being shown in Softr.

When I type a character, like a period, the space is shown… but then so is the period.

Can you please support me?

Hello @Sterling,

In general there is an issue with Rich Text :frowning:

Can I please ask you to post a short video so that we can take this use case into account?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Suzie,

Thank you for replying so quickly.

I have never screen recorded from my computer, is there a specific screen recording tool that you use? I have a ThinkPad.

Below are screenshots of the bug:

AIRTABLE (source)

SOFTR.IO (frontend)

Also, is it possible to put some parts of the text in different colors on Software? This is an email template with ‘variable fields’. I would like to put each variable field in a different color.

I will check the screenshots thanks, you can take videos using Loom.