Display 1 record

I want to display one record.
The user can push 2 buttons: Like or Dislike
After clicking on one of the buttons you see another record.

Not sure how to set this up in Airtable + Softr.
Any ideas?

set-up the “if” logic in airtable → “if like this, then show what. else …”

then in softr after hit a button → send data to airtable → open new page/open external url

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Hey @Katt,

Did you try what @hidex.dev suggested? I wonder if you still need help.


Hi @Suzie .Still not sure how to do the Softr part :thinking:

Dear @Katt,

The action button option is not supported yet in Softr. Judging by the details of the use case you need it.

A workaround here would be to setup Linked Lists I think.