Date & time of the last publication

Hey there,

Does anyone know of a way to display, for example in the footer of the site, the date and the time of the last publication of the pages?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hello Yannick, if you’re publishing the app occasionally, perhaps it will be enough to follow these steps after publishing the app:

  1. Click on Publish button
  2. Copy Last Published date
  3. Paste it into the static Footer block

Then publish again, so that footer changes are applied.

Let me know if this helps.

If you’re looking for more automated ways, I’m afraid currently there’s no way to dynamically present Last Published date.

Hey thanks.

I try to avoid manual handling to avoid mistakes and errors. And indeed, I publish up to 4-5 times a day :wink:

Thank you @yannick,
Can you also share why would you like to expose this information as often on the app? What are you hoping to accomplish and who’ll be acting on this information? – this will help me capture your feedback properly.

I am building a ticketing app and many users are already using it. As the app is in beta, new features appear and disappear and seeing the date of the last update allows users to be reassured if something disappears or are encouraged to try new features.

Thank you so much for additional context!

Another workaround I can offer is to put a “What’s new?” link to the footer that would redirect users to a dedicated “What’s new” page with your change log (feeded from, again manually curated Airtable table). One advantage here is such a change log could include lots of richer information about what was added and what was taken away, and provide more context to your beta users. For reference, see