Custom Form: can't find it


I’m trying to use a custom form but am unable to find the block for it. I did a search for it but it doesn’t come up. Or do I need to be on the paid version for this to appear?

Currently, I’m using the CTA for email signup but what I actually want to do is capture a zip code and send it as a query parameter to filter on Airtable and bring back a subset of results. That’s why I was looking at creating a custom form.

Thanks for any pointers!

It looks like it got renamed to “Sales form with labels” but the documentation has yet to be updated.

Here’s a screenshot of how you can find it.

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 9.50.35 AM


Yes the custom form is called “Sales form with labels” , you can check more about it here.

And yes, the Custom form is available in Paid plans only.