CTA w/ link from list details item

Is there any way to do now, or get, a CTA with the ability to have a dynamic link that is provided in one of the user’s list details?

Hey, our CTA blocks are static blocks which means that you will not be able to connect them to any of the data sources to be able to add dynamic links to them.

But, I will add your question as a suggestion to our feature requests list to consider when planning further app updates.

Meanwhile, you can use one of our dynamic blocks (for ex., a list block), delete all the field settings and leave only the action button with the dynamically changing links.

Thank you. Unfortunately, the list block has too many constraints on where the button goes. I want it in the center of the screen and the list block doesn’t allow that. :confused:

I see, thanks for sharing your feedback. I will add it as an improvement suggestion to our feature requests list.