Couple of questions regarding list detail blocks

I’m currently trying to improve the look and functionality of my list details blocks, I’ve been looking through a load of examples of community built projects alongside relatable posts but haven’t found anything specific for what I’m looking for.

  1. I’m looking to add an instagram social link button to the list details page, ideally inline with a tag field I have at present. I’ve had success using emoji’s and creating links through them (pins for locations), but there isn’t an emoji that represents instagram.

  2. My list details page is full width, yet I’ve seen others using shortened widths - Cronos Research | Pampered Pandas NFT Project Listing on Cronos Blockchain
    Not sure how to do this but I think the aesthetics are on point!

Also would love some more examples of really cool list details pages if anyone has any they are particularly proud of, happy to implement some custom code too if anyone has any really cool hacks I should look into.

My list details currently looks like this -



Hey @Joseph-Wylderr

For instagram icon you can use font awesome icons → fa-instagram: Font Awesome Icons

I checked your details and it seems to be shortened width and not a full one did you change it already ?