Conditional List Details Blocks

When you create two list details blocks on a page with opposing conditional filter settings in an attempt to display one of the two blocks, instead of not appearing, the details block that you filter out displays the following message by default:


As a result, the details block filtered for and this distracting message for the block you filtered out are both displayed. Can Softr simply get rid of this default message or make this message optional so we can display particular details blocks conditionally?

I realize the message helps with configuration when conditional filters are set inappropriately and others use code for this, but it would broaden the application of list details blocks significantly.

Dear Ben,

Can I please ask you to send a loom video where you will show the Airtable info and List details conditions? Please, just DM the video link to me.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Suzie,
Before I follow up with your request, what about my post is not clear?

Unfortunately, the conditional filters are made to display (or to not display) data inside the block, not the block itself.
This is a normal feature.

To make a block disappear = visibility conditions or custom code (that you can find in the community threads).

Though, a visibility condition related to other records than those of the loggedin users, would be, yes, a good feature. And It will come up one day, for example when Softr will release workflows (that’s not for tomorrow :sweat_smile:)

But it should never be related to conditional filters, as they are not made to hide/show an entire block, just to hide/show specific data inside a block.
(And it’s even more true with list details blocks as they are the ones that determine the url parameters of a page)

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Hey @Ben,

Honestly it was not clear for me that you were trying to hide/show the block with conditional filters option. That was the reason I asked to send me a video where you would show the process.

As @matthieu_chateau mentioned, conditional filtering option is for filtering the data not the block.

What I can do for now is to add it as a feature request for now.

Thanks Matthieu and Suzie. I realized the conditional filters weren’t intended to discriminate between multiple blocks, but more between users. I was hoping this could be a simple workaround until individual elements on a block could be conditionally displayed for the same user.

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