Comments block is out of sync with Airtable

I added a comment block to a page and created the corresponding Airtable.

At first, the block seemed to work properly when posting comments, ie. they were properly inserted in Airtable, but when I tried to edit or delete the comments I posted for testing, I realised that all the comments were being kept on the page, even though I had deleted all the records in Airtable.

I even tried to delete the table itself but all the comments persist on the page.

It is as if it was being cached somewhere in the Softr component and was completely out of sync with Airtable.

As an instance, here is a screenshot of the comments block:
Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 11.48.23

and here is the Airtable where those comments were inserted (empty, since I deleted all the records but they still appear on the page above):
Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 11.47.56

Hi Jesus, Unfortunately, the comment block is a problem if you want to delete comments. I asked multiple times for a feature update about it, as it is not properly usable for now.
It should come up.

The thing is: the comment block is ruled by a softr database, not by Airtable. Even if Softr asks you to link the comment block to Airtable, it is not useful. Why ? Because linking the comment block to Airtable just creates a copy of the Softr database inside your table. So if you delete an Airtable record… you just delete a copy.

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Thank you Matthieu!

That is a bit disappointing but I guess we will have to wait until this feature is completely implemented.

Thanks again.

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We are currently revisiting the comments block. It has been sort of a “beta”. perhaps we shall tag blocks as beta


I think tagging blocks with “beta” is a good idea. I have been going back and forth on writing up a guide on which blocks are not really ready for production yet. My list includes comments, inbox, calendar, and kanban.


I will sync with you to hopefully get some of your insights around last three


Hi @artur is there any update on how to delete comments completely? Thanks!

+1 It would be great to be able to delete comments. Whether in Airtable or not. Also might be good to remove the formatting options for now if it’s not going to render correctly. Would appreciate a Beta tag!

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This should come soon, according to Softr team but I don’t know when.

  • conditional filters enabled for comments block!

Do you guys know if we can sort comments block by oldest? Or any sorting at all

Not yet.

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Hey everyone,

The implementation is on progress, the team is working on it. If everything goes as planned perhaps we will be able to bring the options by the end of Q2.

@matthieu_chateau can I please ask you to share some details about the use case? You mentioned that it would be nice to have the Conditional filters enabled for comments block, we would like to know more about the use case.

Thanks in advance.

+1 on actual functionality on comments block! just make it use airtable as the actual source of the data please. that’s as of now the only thing missing and i REALLY need users to be able to comment! and i cannot turn this feature on if i cannot remove comments!

I built a workaround. Instead of using the comment block you can get a functioning comment system to work using FORM submissions and then displaying them in a list block. Now you have full control over the comments, and can delete them… @jesus @matthieu_chateau @artur @rebeccajane @shu @acjnas @dcoletta @Suzie


Very well done!

Quick update on this one. The feature is implemented on our end we are in a testing phase now

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That’s a brilliant solution @david007!

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Hey @david007,

This is amazing :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: