"click of a button" block updating works for basic configurations

Updating blocks at “the click of a button” will not occur in all cases. When the existing block is configured with some sophistication or length, creators must " add a newer version of the same block and configure it." For instance, a form with a dozen or so fields must be manually re-configured to use the updated version of the form block.

This defeats the point of updating blocks! Perhaps extending more update capacity to popular blocks, like forms, should be considered? Thanks.

Hey Ben,

Updating block option works only for the new blocks. That’s to say with new applications created in Softr.

Once you update your block, you will be able to see the Update button when a new update is available.


Thanks Suzie,

Then that’s also to say that when blocks get “old”, there’s a chance they’ll need to be manually updated, as in this case with the now “older” version of custom forms.

BTW, for some reason my user profile page/block no longer shows logged in names or emails of signed up users. It worked until recently. I haven’t changed any settings and I’ve tried using another “new” user profile block, but have the same results. Any ideas why?

Thanks again,

Hi Ben,

can you pls ping us on a support chat and share a test user so that we can check ?

@Suzie FYI


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