Change language of edit pop-up


How do I change the language of the edition pop-up?
I’d like to replace the “Edit record”, “cancel” and “save” buttons.

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Thank you!

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This would probably need to be done with a small code snippet I will ask the team to check @Marine.Hovhannisyan FYI

If you have a solution, it would be perfect !

Any progress on this?

here we go: Please add the code below into the page settings custom code header area

    document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
        const editTitle = 'New Edit Title';
        const saveButtonLabel = 'New Save';
        const cancelButtonLabel = 'New Save';
        setInterval(function() {
            if($('.sw-airtable-record-editor-modal .modal__title').html().includes('Edit record')) {
                $('.sw-airtable-record-editor-modal .modal__title').html(editTitle);

            if($('.sw-airtable-record-editor-modal .modal__btn-primary').html().includes('Save')) {
                $('.sw-airtable-record-editor-modal .modal__btn-primary').html(saveButtonLabel);

            if($('.sw-airtable-record-editor-modal .modal__btn-secondary').html().includes('Cancel')) {
                $('.sw-airtable-record-editor-modal .modal__btn-secondary').html(cancelButtonLabel);
        }, 600);
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Thanks Artur!
i took the freedom of sharing it here.



Thank you, amazing work :slight_smile:

Amazing, thanks for sharing! Is it possible to change the wording based on the user group as well @artur ? Thanks!

Would be actually we need to adjust the code and enable you to map different texts per group. I will try this in the next few days unless other folks try earlier :slight_smile: