Change Date field language in Add record popup

Hello !
Is there a way to change the date time format in the add record popup ? :slight_smile:
Id’ like to put it in french…

Thanks !

@AgatheD do I get it right that the first one is a format and the second one is text that you need to change ?

Yes absolutely !
I would like the date to appear in french like " 2 juillet 2024" or “02/07/2024”
and “set time” to become “Horaire”

I think we can do a quick custom code for “set time” to become “Horaire”

but for date format we will need to wait a bit until we introduce app level locale settings

Would you be able to give me the code ? :slightly_smiling_face:

I did it with something like that (you’ll need to remplace form-rdv with your form block id)

    window.addEventListener('block-loaded-form-rdv', () => {
        var i = 0;
        var intr = setInterval(function() {
            let inputs  = document.querySelectorAll(".date-time-picker-holder input");
            if (inputs && inputs.length > 0) {
                i = 99
            // clear the interval if `i` reached 100
            if (++i == 100) clearInterval(intr);
          }, 10)
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Hi @artur ! by any change, do you have an ETA on that feature ?

We planned it for this quarter, exact date not clear yet @Claire

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