Can't Download File to PDF

Good day to all,

I am currently using both Airtable and Softr for my endorsement platform. Here, our internal team uploads more than 2 pdf reports via Softr with a sample file name convention: trinidad_franco_luis_cruz_CIBI_negrec_)511_h7tezeubi.pdf

However, once client has downloaded the PDF file in Softr, this is what will appear. The client can’t download the file in PDF.

Thank you

@Francoco_loco23 to be honest, I’ve just reproduced a similar flow and it worked fine on my end. I was able to download the PDF.
Would you mind DM me a magic link and the pages where the file gets uploaded and downloaded from so I test it and see what might cause this issue?

Hi Viktoria,

Thank you for testing on your end. Much appreciated.

Sorry also that I did not mention this before, but here are the steps on how we do the uploading between platforms.

  1. Our internal team uploads several reports in the Softr page.
  2. Once uploaded, there is a script developed and placed in Airtable (please see screenshot) wherein the attachments uploaded are readable in the backend.
  3. Once an attachment has been extracted and read, it will automatically go through another table in Airtable for matching with the name endorsed by client.
  4. Once matched, the report will be viewed already by the client via Softr.

I believe that there might be an error when it comes to the script developed as I observed when I checked Step 1 in Softr, the reports are downloadable via pdf.


@Francoco_loco23 To be honest, I won’t be able to reproduce this kind of flow. I would recommend checking the script you run.
I’m not sure about the second step, but if I’m not mistaken it’s possible to fulfil the other steps with the help of Airtable automations that theoretically shouldn’t change the file type.