Can I have read only fields?

I have an internal app to support annual reviews, the data is in Airtable.

I want the manager to fill in long text fields, such as “Your comments on employee’s annual performance” whilst being able to see the employee’s comments on the year, but the manager should not be able to change the employee’s comments.

I know I can use User Groups to limit the page to just managers, but I can’t see how to show a field without it being editable?

Thanks for any help

Hey @Lypiatt, you can use a form block so that your app manager can add the needed data. Then, when you use our Comments block, your manager will be able to read all the user comments but will not be able to edit/change them.

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t think I explained well enough… I shouldn’t have used the ‘comment’ word as it means something specific in Softr.

I have a table of records, each record is a topic (text field), a response from an employee (text field) and a response from the employee’s manager (text field).

I use a list to show the topics to the employee, and an action on the list items takes them to a list details block, where they can see the topic text and type in their response text. This works fine.

I also want to show the list of topics to the manager and give them an action to choose an item and open a list detail block, but when they edit I want them to see the topic text, the employee’s response (read only), and then type in their own response (having read what the employee has to say, but being unable to change the employee’s text).

Hope that is a better description of my issue :slightly_smiling_face:

I see now what you mean, thanks a lot for the clarification. When you configure the “Edit” Action button for your Managers to add their messages, you will need to allow only one field which they can edit to add their own response. In this case, all the other fields will remain as “read-only”: Introducing Action Buttons - YouTube

Thank you, that helped fix it. Not exactly what I had in mind but it does the job :slight_smile:

I created a manager page with a list block that contains the employee’s comments (so read only). The edit button is set to only shows the manager’s comment (so can be edited). The manager can’t see both at the same time, but that’s OK. Thanks again.

You are always welcome! :heart: