Calendar view: Softr sets an end date to events that don't have an end date

Hi I’m using the calendar block with events with start/end dates, but also events with only a start date. In the latter case Softr automatically sets an end date/time 30 minutes later, which is a problem. Maybe it’s for Softr to work in the backend, but I wouldn’t want to see it in the frontend, because I then think that the end date has been set already.
The two examples have no end date in Airtable

@Marielle how would you like it to work without end date ? afaik most calendars set a default end date ?

Hi Artur,
based on the examples above, it would be great if it could look like on the screenshots here.
Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 10.43.11
Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 10.43.08

Hey @Marielle,

Thanks for your feedback, this will be improved, will keep you posted once done.

Hey @Marielle,

This is fixed, please install the latest update ( if you have not yet) and check it :slight_smile:

Great @Suzie thanks!

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Hi Suzie, I just found this bug report and I am wondering if it is related to the bug I am experiencing now… I just recorded a loom to share with support but at the end of the video is where I am wondering why I have seemingly random records not accurately pulling dates (instead of a 1 day event, it’ll randomly show it as… infinitely ongoing? haha) Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom