Buton to filter

I have a list of restaurants connected with a list of dishes. In one page the user chooses the restaurant, and in another he should see only the dishes of the selected one.

Usually I would put the restaurant id in the url: “/?restaurant=name”

This does not seem to be possible using Softr, so how should I approach this?

Hi @plinio I would suggest using linked list which will allow to have your restaurants listed on one page and then the user will click on each and be redirected to the page where there will be another list block displaying the respective dishes only. If you would like to have unique url path for each restaurant you can add seo slug since there is going to be list details block connecting those 2 list blocks(one for restaurant and one for dishes) in the same page as your dishes.

Thank you so much! This is the last thing for our MVP to be running well, but, unfortunately, despite having watched a lot of times, we did not get it!

This video is 1 year old, and we are having difficulty reconciling the UX differences. Would appreciate any additional guidance you might have.

@plinio I probably understand yr concern, since I faced the same situation in the past.

You probably, want to have a dynamic filter that when customer click Rest A, he will only see those options which Rest A could offer, right?

List details block is a good way to achieve that objective.

You should work on the airtable instead of the the block setting.


However, I asked Softr before, this conditional filter is only working on list, not table, therefore, u may need to change the form of block in order to work it out.

By the way, feel free to share with me what kind of restaurant project are u working on. I used to work on one, but dropped out and so I probably can share with u my insight on it. My WhatsApp: +85251164453.

I think Softr can really help, their functionality is just amazing! When the one-click function introduced last week, it helped me simplifying the process further and enhance the UX. Their iteration are following closely with users pain-points.

If I could create a page for record (restaurant) in which it would show all dishes it was it would solve everything!!

I will try that!!