Block Update: Signature Field

I’m seeing a new block update today for “Added Signature Field” but I don’t see any announcements or documentation mentioning it (it’s possible I’ve missed something).

Is there any info or added details on this one? How can it be used?


Hey @nocodeking,

We have sent an email, please check your Inbox.

Unfortunately, there us still not documentation, but we are working on it.

It is available for form block and Action button fields.

Hi @Suzie,

No emails on this one but no worries, I was more just curious about the high level application and use of the new field.

Admittedly I have not yet played with it or tested it myself- I will add it to my list :slight_smile:

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Perfect :slight_smile: I’ll make sure to share the doc when we have it live :slight_smile:

Hi @nocodeking you can watch this video…

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