Best way for gated content

I have a curated collection that is now in a simple Airtable base. You receive the Airtable base after paying on Gumroad.

Now that the idea is validated, I want to move it to Gumroad + Softr.

  • Better filters
  • Better looking overview
  • Easier to update

I’m doubting what the best way is?

  • Redirect after Gumroad payment to a specific URL? (but this URL can be shared easily with non-payers?)
  • Work with accounts?

Anyone tips?

PS: it’s this collection on how to find real problems for your next business idea.

You’re not going to like this answer, but here goes anyway.

First, I don’t think there’s any material difference between a URL that could be shared and a username/password that could be shared. If there’s a way for people to get free access to something you’re trying to sell, they’ll find it. And there’s always a way, usually lots of different ways.

Don’t think about this in terms of how hard can you make it for someone to share your content with non-payers. Think about how to make your paying customers want to keep the content to themselves. A tried-and-true way to do this is to serve the content as a personalized PDF that is watermarked with the paying customer’s name or other identifying data.

And there are probably lots of other ways to motivate a paying customer to want to keep the content private.

Another angle is to think about setting up your Softr site with an eye toward retaining and continuing to monetize this customer. With that in mind, the more info you can collect about them and the more you can personalize the site for them, the more likely they are to want to make a future purchase from you.

Sorry this doesn’t answer the exact question you asked!

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You might have few options

a) Make payment based gated version in Softr .e.g user signs up and pays in Softr.
b) Keep in Gumroad once user buys in Gumroad trigger zap, create softr user and then they can receive credentials and login into Softr.

If Gumroad is main channel then option b might be the smoothest one