Best Settings for Accurate Dates for Users Across Multiple Time Zones

I’m creating an app that will be used across multiple time zones.

I’m concerned that when a user takes an action, like adding a record, that the date the record was created may not always be accurate for the user.

What’s the best way to setup a Softr app to support multiple time zones?

Do I need to add a time zone field to user profiles to that I can use the user’s selected time zone in my date time format formulas?

When I used Airtable fields like Created Time, should I be using the same time zone for all collaborators or another setting?

Hey @rrthegefsrht Thanks a lot for reaching out! Yes you will need to toggle on Airtable’s “Use the same timezone for all collaborators” while using your Date fields with Softr in order to have one date/timezone for all of your users.


@Andranik how do I store and display dates and date times to Softr app users in their local time zones?

The “Use the same timezone for all collaborators” is applicable primarily to Airtable base users. Softr app users interact with my base via the API.


Softr will not do any timezone conversion from your data source dates.

For example When you have a date field in airtable and you want to make sure what your softr users will read, simply add a formula field to your airtable and add {your-date-field} as formula content. the output is what your users will read as frontend.

If the result is not what you would expect, then work on your formula field, and map it to softr instead of mapping your ‘raw’ airtable date field information.