Auto-map fields on a cloned app to a cloned base

Hello! Here’s the use case:

I built an app that I am selling to multiple different customers. To do so, I duplicate the app and duplicate the underlying Airtable base. Since the Airtable base is identical, all of the fields are identical to the fields used in the “original” app - yet, I have to go in and manually switch tables and fields on each element in the app.

Is there any way to automatically switch the base and fields app-wide to a new base if the fields are the same?

Hope that makes sense! Thanks for the consideration

For me when I duplicated an app that had a Gsheets data source, the new app’s Airtable allowed me to import from Gsheet and autosuggested me the mapping flawlessly. As a workaround you might do the same and first convert your existing Airtable to Gsheet or maybe check the Airtable’s Import feature

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