Auto filter list with custom code


Is it possible to filter list with custom code without using inline filters?
I want to filter it by email (I know about conditional filters, but I don’t want users to login).

Thanks in advance!

This is quite an interesting concern - users don’t need to login. I am actually following this logic and succeed in realizing it, which I can share the logic behind and you may modify based on yr situation.

Using list detail block as a dynamic filter is a critical skill that you need to master for Softr. What I did is using a shortener to cover up the long URL parameter, this is an example:

if you open it, it actaully contains the recordId for the merchant recordId=recDbBrC7mbthlJ7h as well as the ReferuserID=recVzUxGR5gA8AcDn, in this case customer don’t need to login but you capture extra information.

Probably, you can make use of the similar logic to see how you can formulate a way that customers can click on their own designated link showing the content especially for them.

Hope this can help giving u insight!

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