Another new guy busting at the seams with (too many) ideas and possibilities

Hi All,

Definitely glad to have found and joined the community like many of us here I would think.

My background, well I have travelled and worked in many different cultures and places in the world.
I have been very luck to seen so many interesting places, things and met a lot of very interesting and wonderful people (also married one ;-), I was very luck :smiley:

My background is 35years working in Mechanical Design (with Project Management) in the Automotive / Aerospace industries, very interesting field to work in but very different from many others I see here it would seem. I would be very interested to know if there are many others from my discipline in the community?

As you might suspect, I am looking to develop a number of productivity tools, if only for myself, to make it easier to do my job. The main reason is that I see an overwhelming amount of repetitious task being performed it both boggles my mind and drives me crazy (I really think itโ€™s a waste of time and prone to error).

If possible I would like to monetise but also give back to colleagues and others who appreciate the time and effort it takes to make such tools.

By tools I specifically mean productivity tools that same time and just make life easier in general.

Iโ€™ll post more in the relevant forums and not ramble further here.

Look forward to participating and contributing (in time).

Kind regards