Alt tags for images in dynamic lists/blocks

If creating content that is served out of Airtable, it is very important that any images that are served also include their alt tags (e.g. <img src=“myimage.png” alt=“nike_air_zoom” />). They are critical for SEO.

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I totally agree.
Just do you know, you can create a formula field in airtable to reproduce that HTML structure and link it to the field in softr.
You will however lose the design of the list detail block because of the mandatory fields.
If you need more details on how, let me know.

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Thanks. Will check with my devs

Hello @johntreadway,

This feature has been requested a lot and we will give it a go.

The matter is that we are working on a big update now for all the blocks, once we push it we will start implementing the new features as we have planned.