Allow user to select multiple records to send in form


I’m building a portal for our customers where they can see all their registered assets that we manage.
I would like them to be able to access a table that they can filter (this part is easy), and then be able to select multiple records from this list and finally send a list of the selected records to me.

I would like the list to be sent as a new record with all the selected records linked.

I’m currently on the free plan, but I’m not sure this can be done even on the paid plans.

Any ideas?

Hi @jacedh and welcome to the community!

What you want to do seems like an important and useful function. However, there’s no way right now to use a Table or List block as a way of selecting items: you can’t put checkboxes in Table or List rows, and you can’t use a Table or List to do the equivalent of a form submit. These features might be coming soon, but I don’t know if they are in the much-anticipated “Forms 2.0” release. If they’re not, there might still be other new features that will let you accomplish what you need.

I can’t think of a way to work around these limitations right now, but maybe @matthieu_chateau can?

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That’s a tough one :sweat_smile:.
Unfortunately, even my professional and certified skills to find workarounds everywhere won’t be of any help… Future features may solve this

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Hello and thanks! :grin:

Well, it’s a bit disappointing to hear that this feature will have to wait on my app, but also nice to know I wasn’t missing anything obvious in the documentation.

I suppose I could add a guide for my user that describes how to filter the table and then download the CSV, optionally do some manual editing, then send the CSV to me in a form.
It’s not a very elegant solution, but still better than nothing :blush:

I appreciate you and @matthieu_chateau taking your time to help!

Yes, that’s a good alternative. I think if you search this forum you’ll find more details about this approach in another thread. Sorry, on phone and can’t look just now.