Allow specific character in URL fields

We use Softr to build our training tool. In some trainings there are exercices to submit. The URL and tool used by the users might defer depending on the people. Some use Glitch for instance with URL such as Glitch :・゚✧. When they want to submit their exercice in the URL field we planed here is the answer they got: “Enter provide valid URL”.
Do you think possible to allow specific character such as commas (‘,’), exclamation points (‘!’), sharps ‘#’) and stuff in a URL field?
It would help us a lot.
Many thanks for your feedback on this.

Hey @Marjorie,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll create a task for it now and will keep you posted once done.

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Hey Marjorie,

Why don’t you try changing your form field from URL to text, and then in your table, you can parse that URL with the help of the airtable ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT via formula, and you will have a valid URL that can take care of ‘problematic’ characters.

Hey acjnas!
Thanks for your workaround! We’ll have a look at it!

And thanks Suzie for your help!


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Hey @Marjorie, you are most welcome. The task is open, I will let you know once fixed :slight_smile: