Allow 1000 people to use the same Softr login and password

:page_facing_up: Context

  • I’ve created a Softr directory for 1000+ users, and I’m only requiring a login because the directory contents are confidential to that community. So they don’t need personal passwords, just one username and password for everyone. And they won’t ever update the directory unless I create a form later on, to submit as an Airtable entry. (Meaning: no need for action buttons, and no need for Airtable edit permissions.)

  • I don’t need anyone’s emails, and I don’t want them. So I don’t want people signing up individually.

  • It seems like a Softr Magic Link is my only option, even though it asks for an email (which I don’t want people providing).

  • The directory is not going to be connected to a purchased domain (yet). So it’ll just be [name] while everyone uses it for now.

:question: Questions

1: Is my best option to use the Magic Link, and have it rely on a single record in Airtable (in a User Info table), comprised of a fake email, password, and fake profile image? (It looks like I can’t just create a plain username, and that it must be an email format as a username.)

2: How likely is it that the app will slow down or have connectivity or functional issues if every user uses the same password to access the non-published domain app simultaneously?

3: Is there a better solution?

:raised_hands: TY!