Adding Blocks next to each other

As you all now we can add Static and Dynamic blocks below one another but we can’t add it next to another block…I have attached a Image, which will give you a clear vision about what I am trying to explain…

Requesting Softr Development Team to look into this and try to integrate this feature in Softr Studio too…

This type of more flexible block layout is in the roadmap!
In the meantime, this can be done by custom code (not the easiest one) => Custom code 2 columns layout: change the width of the columns (+ 3 columns layout)

Hi @matthieu_chateau ,
Any idea when could that feature be launched in Softr?

I can’t tell anything, no idea and the Softr team can’t give a detailed timeline for this, as the status in the roadmap is “planned” and not “in progress”.

@AdityaBhaskar1947 don’t have yet clear timeline but will be one of the main topics for Q2