Add users in bulk at the fontend

Hi. I’m looking for import users in bulk at the frontend. I want some users giving the possibility to add users and sone metadata that will be stored in Softr and in Airtable. I don’t want them to have access tot the backend of the app. I’m also looking for a way to give some users the possibility to import users in bulk (CSV) Someone?

Hey @jaspijk, natively there is no way to make your users add their users to your app in bulk without giving them access to your app. Instead, what you can do is, you can use the “Sign up with code” block and let your users add their users to the app through this block. It will still not be in bulk, but their users will receive emails from your app that they are added to it.

Hi @Marine.Hovhannisyan, thanks! I Sas Thijs article Use Case: Adding Users through Zapier - Softr Docs. Is this a possibility to add users by users. Instead of Google using a Softr form? The Signup by code is possible Burg we need to store more userinfo for The users in Airtable (magiclink, firstname, lastname, company)

The thing is that your shared use case is for the website admins to add users using Zapier. It can not be used for the users to add their users to the app :frowning:

Would be nice to give users those rights. In our app (MVP) we want tot give (team)coaches the possibility to add users as there customers. The use case is that we have in Airtable 3 linked tables: Organisations that have teams. And the teams have employees. With a Sofr form we want to collect: first name, last name, username, email, organisation name and team name. With a automation (Make) starting with a Softr webhook (trigger the form) we want to: 1. put the data in airtable (user table, organisation table en team table) then 2: generate a user in Softr and 3:sending the new user a email with the magiclink.

Just to be clear

  1. Team coaches are users in Softr ?
  2. Other people that team coaches can add as customers are also users in Softr ?

Yes they are. Coaches are users in Softr and other people will be users in Softr.