Add minimum and maximum number of "guests"

Is there an option to add a minimum number of guests (for checkout) in a marketplace?

Is there an option (for activity providers) to give a maximum number of available slots?

Hey @JKoussan-Price, do you mean that you want to set up a user amount who can use the checkout block in yoru marketplace?

I think you can achieve all these max and min numbers on the airtable side of things.

Hey Marine,

For “Drop-In”, if a business wants to “give me” 3 open spots (out of 10 total seats available), I would like them to be able to limit the amount of spaces, so there are no over-bookings from my end (this would be the “max # of slots available”)

Separately, for minimum number of guests (for checkout), if someone is booking a “drop-in” and they want to add themselves + 2 friends (for a total of 3 spots), I was wondering how this would also be achieved.

Thank you!

Thank you, @acjnas. I’m not well acquainted with airtable (been using google sheets), but understand what their software does and can take a stab at moving between the two

Thanks for the clarification. Indeed, as Jonathan mentioned, this should be possible to achieve on the Airtable side by using their formulas. Then, you can use the data in Softr.