Add meeting notes to client


So, I googled and searched this forum but couldn’t find how to do it.

Let’s assume I have a Sales CRM. I’m currently on the client page. On that client, the page contains an overview of all the meetings I had with this client.

Now, I would like to add the functionality of adding a new meeting note based on a predefined template.

Adding a new note, no problem. But I can’t wrap my head around the “based on a predefined template” part. I would rather not create a form for every template. I would prefer to have them stored in airtable in rich text.

I tried a workaround by creating a “blank” meeting note that is prepopulated with the template to “fill out” the meeting note using the record update.

I can not connect a new meeting note to the template the user chose and the client on which page the user was.

Maybe there is a much easier way to do it than what I’m trying to do. Maybe I am just too stupid :D.

I appreciate any help you can provide.

There would be two solutions

  1. User click on a button called “create meeting note” => external url => make webhook => create a record in a “meeting notes” table
  2. Each time a record is created within this table (the “meeting notes” table) => airtable automation to create a predefined template of a meeting in a long texte/rich text field
  3. Display the result of this template in a list details block, where will be redirected the user (thanks to make, with the feature “webhook response”)
  4. use this list details block and the pencil icon to let the user update it as he/she wishes

All of this will be made within a single click and will be handled inside Make webhook send and response (+ the airtable automation in the middle)


  1. Add a form below your list block, just with hidden fields you need and that’s it. Disable the padding top: it will appear like a lonely button (see screenshot) and the user will just have to click on it.
    Choose “open page” as option to redirect to the page where you will show the list details block with the meeting notes template inside of it.
  2. create an airtable automation, so that when a record is created in the meeting notes table, update the same record with a template in a Long text/rich text field
  3. the template will be displayed in a list details block (with only the meeting note). The user can update it with the pencil icon aka the edit form.

Hi Matthieu,

thank you. Had a similar idea. Tested it. Works. Only one minor issue still standing. The Airtable automation too slow. When page is reloaded the template isn’t added yet in the rich text :confused:

@myless I updated my answer above, check it, it’s a second solution without make.

By the way, the reason why the template isn’t added is because the reloading time, after form submission, may be too short.

Here is a custom code you can use to increase the reloading time of the page after form is submitted. Increase the 1500 value to 2500-3000 (which are milliseconds) => only if you use the Make method.
Well, may be also useful because of the Airtable automation :thinking:, even without Make workflow.

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
function myFormReload() {
if ($('#sw-form-capture-submit-btn').attr("style").length == 21) {
		setTimeout(function() {
		}, 1500);
$('#sw-form-capture-submit-btn').click(function() {
const myTimeout = setTimeout(myFormReload, 10);

There is also a method to be sure to see the added template within Softr given by @dcoletta for an other use case (but should work here too)
Custom code to force to reload, only once, the page where the user is landed after form submission:

    const urlParams = new URLSearchParams(;
    const reload = urlParams.get('reload');
    if (reload ==='true') {
        var newLocation = location.href;
        newLocation = newLocation.replace('reload=true', 'reload=false');

To know how to set this up (it’s not difficult) = see this thread: Auto refresh displayed block data - #17 by dcoletta

Hey @matthieu_chateau

thanks for your help. I solved the problem now. What I essentially do is:

  1. Having cards with names and a short description of the template. By clicking on the cards a modal opens with what the template looks like.
  2. A basic form with a dropdown that has the exact names of the templates as options and a field for the subject of the note.
  3. Submitting the form leads to a reload of the page.
  4. By submitting the form, the name of the template is put in a reference field in airtable. Airtable magically matches the name with the corresponding name in the template table and due to a lookup field (template content), the template content is also in the meeting notes table.
  5. An automation copies the content of the lookup field (template content) in the notes content.
  6. Expandable cards display the notes and due to allowing editing people can then update the notes.

This seems to work and I don’t have to delay anything artificially.