Add a "Close Modal" option on Form Submission

Hi there!!

first of all congrats on the amazing platform and for having the open modal option. It’s a live saver.

This is just a minor quality-of-life improvement that helps with UX to minimise number of clicks for our users.

Since Modals in many cases include forms that only need to be filled once, it’d be great to have the possibility of adding an Action on “Successful form submission” that automatically closes the modal and allows the user to keep on going with whatever they were doing in the platform.

This works for the following use cases: Contact Us form, Sign up form, Create New Item in a List form…

Thanks so much and keep up the amazing work



Now that the new CRUD action buttons have been implemented inside dynamic blocks, this feature request can be closed

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Hi @Javi I’m glad that the new release helped achieve the desired result. Enjoy the app!

I am still missing this feature. Use case:

The user Submits a form(loaded in a modal)

A message is displayed via another page load in the modal (so that it stays longer than a few seconds)

A sample button added “Done” should allow closing the modal. I even tried custom code variations, but no luck to make this button work.

Is any help possible?

You could achieve this by using an action button opening a modal. In this modal you would have a page with just a form, nothing else.
And from there => some of my custom codes can do the trick to show an alert box - a message - a reload whatever.

This is a workaround but it works! (before action buttons, this is how we all did :sweat_smile:)

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@meenal.malhotra To be honest, there is no native feature that will help to close the modal after the the button click. Though Matthieu is right, there are some custom codes in community that might help. Here is one of them Automatic modal closure after button pressed on it - #6 by matthieu_chateau :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input. I did go through this thread, I will try modifying it for my use case.

Before the actions button, I used a different method to refresh the page (which also closed the modal) - a custom button with JS to reload the URL. But closing the modal similar concept didn’t work.