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Hi Softr team,
In how many days can we accept the action buttons to be released in Softr as it will make many things easier…

Hey @Aditya,

The option is being tested by our QA Team. We do our best to launch it in some 2-3 weeks.

Ok, Thanks

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Waiting for this to start building my app hehe. any news about the date?

Hi, Just got to know from the team it is launching on 15th of March(Tommorow)…

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Hey guys,

We are doing the last touches, the release will be at the beginning of next week, it’s already planned.

I know that all of you have been waiting for the feature, we are excited with this release too :slight_smile:

Keeping fingers crossed and waiting for it!


Amazing!!! looking forward for it!!

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Will make sure to post here when it’s released :slight_smile:

Hi @Suzie - are you able to share the details of what the Action Buttons (in this upcoming release) functionality will actually be? Excited to see them next week! Thanks

Hey @rebeccajane,

The first version of action buttons initially will be around existing CRUD functionalities there it will do auto-refresh.

We have other plans for the second release, will talk about it a bit later after some planning. If you don’t mind pls share what’s your use case.



I receive goods in my warehouse from many differnet clients. I upload the information (pictures, videos, meassurements, weight) and I need them to Confirm te goods before sending them to their countries.

Any plan to add a Hidden Input Type to the action buttons?

@ccirino yes working on it. It will be ready in the next 2-3 weeks.


yep, really essential to register who has created or updated a new record via action buttons

@J_1 in the meantime, you can use a form on another page and then, on the action button, open form page in modal… until we add the hidden fields into the action buttons

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Appreciate the brainpower @artur!
Not bad at all for now until a update comes :ok_hand:

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Can we get an option to disable the two visible buttons limit, or to specify how many should be visible before the rest are hidden in the dropdown?

Use case: I’m currently making very good use of matthieu’s custom codes for tabs to make topbar navigation on my list details pages - but similar could be achieved more easily I think, with dynamic page paths as well, with action buttons.

Ho Artur. When I use Your ín the meantime’ solution, is it possible to get the recordid form ‘the mother’ in he hidden field of the form on the other page. I’ve Teams and Teammembers (linked) When I am i the teamdetails I want to add a user to the team. So the record ID of the team must be stored in the user table. Or… is the actionbuttom with the hidden field comming soon.

@jaspijk if the teamId will be part of team-member object then yes you will be able to pass it along

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I have this in the hidden field in the hidden field on the other page and form. It doesn’t work. There’s nog record ID form the team transported.