Actions Buttona

Hi Softr team,
In how many days can we accept the action buttons to be released in Softr as it will make many things easier…

Hey @Aditya,

The option is being tested by our QA Team. We do our best to launch it in some 2-3 weeks.

Ok, Thanks

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Waiting for this to start building my app hehe. any news about the date?

Hi, Just got to know from the team it is launching on 15th of March(Tommorow)…

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Hey guys,

We are doing the last touches, the release will be at the beginning of next week, it’s already planned.

I know that all of you have been waiting for the feature, we are excited with this release too :slight_smile:

Keeping fingers crossed and waiting for it!


Amazing!!! looking forward for it!!

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Will make sure to post here when it’s released :slight_smile:

Hi @Suzie - are you able to share the details of what the Action Buttons (in this upcoming release) functionality will actually be? Excited to see them next week! Thanks

Hey @rebeccajane,

The first version of action buttons initially will be around existing CRUD functionalities there it will do auto-refresh.

We have other plans for the second release, will talk about it a bit later after some planning. If you don’t mind pls share what’s your use case.



I receive goods in my warehouse from many differnet clients. I upload the information (pictures, videos, meassurements, weight) and I need them to Confirm te goods before sending them to their countries.

Any plan to add a Hidden Input Type to the action buttons?