Action buttons —Add record : pass {LOGGED_IN_USER:EMAIL} to airtable

Hi all, I try the new “Action buttons —Add record”.
I wanted to pass {LOGGED_IN_USER:EMAIL} to airtable in order to identify who created the record. But there is no hidden field in the “add field” list. Any solution ?


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Hi Vince, we are going to add hidden fields into action buttons with the upcoming improvements that will allow to collect logged in users’ parameters once the record is added. Meanwhile, you can use a Form block to collect User’s email with a hidden field and set action on click on the corresponding block to open the Form page as a modal.

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Hi I vote for that feature as well.

Hi Adam, the hidden field is on development process and hopefully will be released by next week If everything goes as planned.

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Hi @Adam_B @Vince as you might have already noticed the hidden fields are already available on action buttons :slightly_smiling_face: