Ability to Specify How/When Each Block Loads

Does anyone have any magic custom-code to either specify the order of how blocks get loaded on a page or only load visible blocks?

I have pages with multiple blocks but many are hidden by default unless you click on a button (using the unofficial “Tab” custom-code provided by @matthieu_chateau here). So I might have 10 blocks on a page but only 2 are visible on initial page load; however, you still have to sit there and wait for all 10 blocks to initially load even though you can’t see them yet.

It would be nice to only load them when visible to the user, this would increase page load time dramatically for us on those busier pages. Alternatively, being able to specify the order in which blocks get loaded could be a workaround so that the “tab 1” blocks load first.

Hi @nocodeking ,

I fixed this on my own website by making the “tabs” function as redirections… so it has the same look as tabs, but the feel (structured/fast loading) you might be looking for - I wrote it here:

Thanks @thijs, glad to see I’m not the only one dealing with the slow loading of multiple list blocks.

Separating the blocks up into different pages was going to be my next test so that’s good to hear you had positive success with it, I’ll give that a shot.