404 error for a deleted page

Hey People, This is the scenario happening for me right now.

When a user signs in I wanted them to go to the Home page, but instead it is throwing me a 404 error (which is re-directing to a page that I deleted previously). I really don’t know how.

Can somebody help me?

Hi and welcome to our community!

In the studio, can you please go to the page with your signin block on it, and check the signin block to see if you have it set up to take the user to a specific named page after the login is complete? I am guessing this value is still pointing to the deleted page.

Hi, thanks for replying.

Yeah, I have checked it twice. I guess in the backend it’s still pointing to the deleted page.
Because I checked on different devices with different browsers. Still facing the same.
Is there any way to clear this out?

Are you sure you republished after updating the signin block? If you are, then I’d suggest deleting and recreating the signin block and then republishing again.

Did it, but still the same.

Any chance you are using the new feature where you can assign a “page after sign in/up” to a user based on what group they are in?

Woaaahhhhhhh…Yes! Yes! I’ve done that page-wise, but forget to do it from the settings page.
Now the issue is cleared. Thanks a ton.

Now I’m going to send that Demo video to my 1st prospect. Thank you :slight_smile:

And this is my website: goattendee.com

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